FAQs About Aark Developers

FAQs About Aark Developers


You will receive a freehold title deed as all projects by Aark Developers are situated in designated freehold areas recognized by the Dubai government, where non-UAE citizens can own properties as per applicable laws. Units can be purchased outright with no restrictions on ownership rights.

Maintenance and service fees maintain the common areas and facilities. They are calculated yearly based on RERA approved costs. All details are mentioned in the Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA).

Yes, owners can be added/removed by visiting Aark Developers and completing the required paperwork and fees to Dubai Land Department, if applicable.

Contact Aark Developers' customer service. You may need to provide an indemnity letter specifying how the SPA was lost. After verifying, a copy can be reissued for a fee.

SPA is issued within 30 working days from purchase date after compliance review. You must sign it within 7 days.

Aark Developers

Property Question

Once issued completion notice, you can inspect the property against SPA specifications and list any defects for fixing before or during defect liability period.

Minor internal changes are allowed after handover, subject to approvals from Aark Developers and authorities. Fees may apply.

Show units display a possible finish. Your unit will be as per SPA specifications, with some minor variations allowed under laws

Near project completion, Aark Developers will notify the handover date and request completing payments. You can then inspect and list outstanding defects for fixing. On handover date, you must complete payments and possession else Aark Developers can take action as per laws.

You will receive keys, important contacts, parking remote, access cards/biometric, car sticker, owner's manual etc.

Payment Question

Aark Developers advises purchasers to make payments as per the schedule in their SPA. Delay or non-payment can result in penalties or other actions as per the SPA and Dubai property laws

Payment plans vary across projects - 60% during construction and 40% on completion is typical. Refer your SPA for the final payment plan details

Aark Developers issues a 30-day notice to pay any defaulted amounts. If the purchaser still fails to pay, Aark Developers reserves the right to take necessary action as per applicable laws

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At Aark Developers, we are on a mission to redefine the landscape of Dubai with our innovative projects and unparalleled commitment to excellence. We understand the power of collaboration and invite you to become a part of our esteemed network of channel partners. By joining us, you unlock a world of opportunities, not just for your business but for your clients seeking the extraordinary in real estate.